Branding, Web Design, Illustration, Graphics + more


ZAG was a project that required a unique approach to micromobility through a strong visual brand and website.

I was commissioned to create both the original brand and the website, this later developed into creating various illustrations and graphs for the company.

What was included


Website Design



Printed Media


The brand needed to be simple, but still punchy, for the minimal, stripped back look that I was aiming for. Boxing the logo made the logo stand out in a variety of applications. A varied colour palette was produced to once again tap into the ‘fresh’ and ‘modern’ look of the brand.

It was important that the brand could be carried over into a variety of applications.

Website design and development

As an editorial website, ZAG needed to be a mix of digestible for it’s readers but also easy to use for the various writers and contributors. 

This meant that WordPress was the perfect platform for the website. Throughout the design and build of the website I endeavoured to implement as many ‘features’ as possible to create automations that would reduce the amount of work the editors and writers would need to do.

The website used unique page designs for each category of the website, creating more complications from a development perspective – a solution was found where the website could automatically apply a page template based on a category being assigned to a post.

Of course, the website had to be fully responsive and this was tested thoroughly across a range of devices including desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.

Graphs and charts

Part of ZAG’s social media appeal was the shareable graphs and charts produced. This was another element that I helped to shape the general look and feel of. Producing a wide range of styles of graphs and charts this was something really helped to boost ZAG’s appeal to the micromobility sector.

Conference invites and media kit

Further brand applications included conference invites, Mailchimp newsletters and media kits. I was able to really shape how the brand would be seen in a wider world. My main focus was continuing  the strong typography and black / white appearance that was so prevalent on the website.

More work