Spacesuit Media

Web Design


Spacesuit Media is a collective of creatives providing high quality imagery and content to clients across the world in series such as Formula E and IndyCar.

I’ve been a part of Spacesuit Media since it’s very early days providing imagery for clients such as Greenpower. In 2020 it was collectively decided to look at re-designing the Spacesuit website for both members of the public and also clients.

Whilst the existing website had proved a success it was agreed that the design could be moved forward to bring a whole host of usability and improvements to the general experience.

What was included

Website Design

A responsive design approach

Redesigning the collections from scratch meant that I was able to experiment with new features such as sort-by facilities and optimise how the image (the stars of the show) were being displayed. I also wanted to maximise visibility for the keywords that are added to all of the images within the collections.

Providing pages with more substance within the ‘About’ section allowed Spacesuit to have a more search-engine friendly website.

It was also vital that I could improve the experience from a mobile and tablet perspective. Introducing a responsive design that would display information cleanly on mobile was a primary objective for the redesign.

More work