P1 Offshore Powerboat Racing

Branding, Illustration, Merchandise + more


The P1 Offshore International Powerboat Racing Series approached me to help them define a brand and identity moving forwards into their eagerly anticipated 2022 calendar. 

P1 is an international sports promoter founded in 2022, since then the company has staged more than 600 races in 18 countries and is a leading marine motorsports brand. 

P1 Offshore wanted to help establish a consistent appearance for their US based events, this started by focusing on a logo format that could be used throughout the paddock and events across the year. The design would need to allow for key sponsors to be present without interfering with the primary P1 brand.

What was included



Social media assets


Illustrations - creating race posters

As part of defining a brand, and race, image it was decided to create key visual artwork. The visual artwork could then be used throughout the race event, whether that be via social media graphics or on-site merchandise. It was important that the posters tried to capture an element related to each event.

The posters created for both the Sarasota Grand Prix and St. Pete Grand Prix utilised colours palettes that were associated with each event. The Sarasota GP taking place on the Independence Day weekend meant a strong inclusion of the US flag which helped to convey a strong graphical theme throughout the work.


The key artwork that was created within the poster section of the project could then be adapted into various merchandise elements. For the Sarasota Grand Prix in particular a full range was produced; drink cups, t-shirts, bandanas, posters, beach towels and art prints.

The merchandise was then available to purchase after the event online.

Social media assets

Part of conveying a consistent brand identity across the whole event meant ensuring that social media accounts were using the suitable artwork. Before each event a suite of design elements were produced from schedule graphics to live stream placeholders.

The general look and feel of these graphics were generally driven by the key artwork (in terms of colour palette) but it was important to not rely on the poster too heavily.

These graphics were distributed across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook throughout the race weekends.

More work