MCR Motorsport Media



MCR Motorsport Media wanted to develop a more modern look for their brand that would stand out amongst the race paddock at any venue. MCR Motorsport Media provides promotional, PR and publicity services for competitors, events and championships in racing and rallying.

I was approached to help shape MCR’s look and feel for the future providing them with not only a brand but also a set of guidelines on how to use the brand across multiple platforms.

What was included


Logo design

Creating a logo that formed a strong set of shapes and also represented the name ‘MCR’ was important. I settled on using an italicised typeface that was tweaked to feature softened curves. The lean of the logo helped to show an element of speed and movement. This helped the logo to relate directly to the motorsport target audience.

A colour palette was also created to include strong, punchy, colours that allowed a versatile usage of the logo.

Typography was also selected to create an impact with any published media.

Mock-ups and real world use

I find that creating mock-ups of the logo in real scenario’s helps customers to visualise how their logo might look in the real world. This was hugely important especially for MCR Motorsport Media. The logo was required to run on a Peugeot 208 R2 rally car (pictured above).

The logo was also mocked up on a variety of printed media applications and branding.

More work