64th Chestnut Homes Lincoln Cycling Grand Prix

15 May 2019

You could literally feel the the bikes fly past as they punched a 40mph hole in the air

Looking down the long straight in front of my shooting position I can see the course cars accelerating towards me – the tension begins to ramp up. The cars fly by and a deathly silence fills the streets of Lincoln, for a few seconds anyway…

Moments later the riders pop into view. An unmistakable sound of gears whirring reverberates across the street as the breakaway thunders down towards me. Staring down the  barrel of the lens I fired off a few shots before rotating to shoot my second angle.

The twelve riders fly past slinging the bikes around the tight left hander at breakneck speed before powering onto the next section of the course. You can literally feel the the bikes fly past as they punch a 40mph hole in the air.

Before you know it, they were gone. A silence descended…

In the distance a faint sound of cowbells began to fill the air, horns blasting and people cheering and shouting. Gradually this sound increases to be louder and louder before the peloton appears on the horizon. A huge gaggle of riders are clumped together travelling just as fast as the breakaway group that had powered through moments before. I braced myself for another fast and furious fly-by by tucking behind my chosen barricade (a lamp post in this instance) just in case things went awry.

Like a field of high-powered racing cars they fly by – a machine gun of cyclists whipping past. A real assault on the senses as the sound, feeling, and the smell of hot brakes. Smell is something I’ve never really experienced at a cycling race before and just shows the level of commitment these top level riders have.

Once again silence descends on the streets of Lincoln. This was lap four…of thirteen.

The riders set out once again to tackle the gruelling lap with the challenging cobbles of Lincoln’s famous Michaelgate climb and high speed sections in the surrounding villages. It really beggars belief that these athletes are able to do this over and over at a record breaking pace.

If you’ve never been to experience the thrills and spills of a cycling grand prix then I thoroughly recommend it. You’ll be astounded at what they can do!