MSA British Rally Championship, RSAC Scottish Rally

7 July 2016

A superb selection of stages all crammed into one day made this rally fast and furious

It felt odd heading to a motorsport event but driving north for once – I’ve always had to travel south or west but never north before. In fact I’d be visiting a country that I’ve never even visited before, Scotland.

I was heading north for the MSA British Rally Championship. A fantastic series with a staggering selection of talent behind the wheel of some super machinery. A smattering of Ford Fiesta R5s, Skoda Fabia R5s, Mitsubishi R5s and even a Proton Satria help to make the top class (BRC1) one of the best national rally championships in the world.

The event was the RSAC Scottish Rally which took place around the Dumfries forests. A superb selection of stages all crammed into one day made this rally fast and furious. Not only for the teams and drivers but also for us media too – with small gaps between service and the stages there was only so many stages we could get to whilst meeting our deadlines.

I’d be somewhat lying if this event was a walk in the park for me. In one of the more time crucial stage hops that I’ve done I unfortunately hit a pothole on one of the Dumfries roads causing my alloy to bend and instantly deflating my tyre. Amazingly, thanks to two very helpful Scotsmen, we got my spare wheel fitted and was sent on my merry (or perhaps not quite merry) towards the next stage. Considering the time restraints it was a pure marvel that I managed to make it onto the stage with time to spare – even had plenty of time to feed the local midges…

Not an ideal situation! But perhaps a reminder that every single photograph has a story behind it. Whether it’s being eaten alive by a swarm of midges whilst waiting for a rally car to appear, picking up a puncture between rally stages and ‘limping’ to the next stage, or even driving to what feels like endless McDonalds trying to find the best WiFi signal to send off images to clients. Or even staying up till 3AM to make sure you hit your deadlines! We’ve all been there…

Who said this photography malarkey was easy again?

A quick note to thank all involved in the MSA BRC, a truly lovely group of people to work with and I hope to return again in the future to this great rally championship.

Photographs: Adam Pigott for Jakob Ebrey Photography