TOTAL Spa 24 Hours

2 August 2015

A very damp Spa experience...

“You know, I’d really like to photograph Spa in the rain.”

I said this, a couple of days before the TOTAL Spa 24 Hours after experiencing a somewhat overcast ‘sunset’ session with no real sunset or any kind of nice light. I wished it would rain. In hindsight this may have been a mistake…

Come race day I was at the track at 08:00AM ready for a team shoot which ended up becoming cancelled – due to the horrendous downpour that had engulfed the entire Spa-Francorchamps circuit. This was not a good sign.

Warm-up arrived at 9:00AM, the track was drenched and although the rain had eased off it was still unpleasant but still enjoyable to shoot in at this early point. I covered the pitlane and ended up getting soggy socks before the race had even began. Not a great start.

A few hours later it was still raining, and whilst yes I can say that Spa is a great circuit to photograph in the rain there was slightly more than I’d anticipated! Eventually the rain stopped, just in time for the fog to roll in at about sunrise. It seems you can’t win at the Circuit Spa-Francorchamps.