International GT Open, Silverstone

10 June 2015

Creating something exciting in identical conditions to last week - now there's a challenge!

A photographer’s worst nightmare, or mine anyway, visiting the same circuit twice in the same week. How do you make it look it different?

Last week I was at British GT for it’s visit to the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit – it was a great race and the weather was great too. So to be heading back to Silverstone the following week with an almost identical weather forecast, shooting almost identical cars (bar the liveries) seemed like it might be a struggle.

I decide to challenge myself by only visiting for one of the days, to push and be creative with only limited track time. I had a total of 120 minutes to get all the shots I needed from across the weekend. Luckily I had the ability to take my car around the perimeter roads which helped to speed the process up a bit hopping from one interesting spot to the other.

So here’s my attempt at doing the ‘double’ at Silverstone, this time with International GT Open.