Nurburgring 24 Hour

20 May 2015

There’s nothing else like this race

“Wait, what race?” I imagine that’s how the conversation begins within the Germany campsites the morning after the Nurburgring 24 Hour. It’s one of the most iconic 24 hour races in the world and with that comes crowds that are just there to party.

And party hard.

It’s one of the most incredible atmospheres you can possibly experience at a racetrack, it can only be described as a music festival crossed / rally / 24 hour race. Let’s start with the music festival element; the crowd is big and enthusiastic but not necessarily about the on-track action. Massive scaffolding rigs are built around the circuit to give the best view possible and provide the ideal drinking platform for the race. Many of the fans turn up a week before the race to setup their campsite area.

Talking of which, the campsites aren’t quite the same level of organisation that you might expect…in the woods pitches are spread out and vary in size often incorporating Unimogs, gardens and much more. You name it and it’s probably at the Nurburgring 24. Music plays a vital part to the N24 with such classics as ‘Go Your Own Way’ by Fleetwood Mac and anything Europop being blasted out around the track. There’s a very laid back atmosphere about the place that makes you feel very welcome as you walk through the campsites to the track.

The track is what reminds me most of rallying – you walk miles into a forest to find a decent spot and the cars come around every 8 minutes or so. It sounds exactly like a rally stage! Only difference is that these guys are going a lot faster than a rally car…

Of course, at the end of the day the race carries on right into the night where the atmosphere only becomes magnified with fireworks, neon lights, fires and the sound of 160+ cars roaring around the Nurburgring makes this race so special. There’s nothing else like this race.