FIA World Endurance Championship, Silverstone

15 April 2015

Featuring the biggest variety of noises in the entire motorsport world

Sound. From the whistles of the LMP1 cars flying past to the deep thunderous roar of GT cars blasting past. The FIA World Endurance Championship has to feature the most variety of noises in the entire motorsport world.

To kick things off the technology fuelled, high tech, spaceships that are LMP1. Even within this category alone you have whistling Audi R18 e-tron quattro diesels with high pitched spooling noises – but run so quietly that you can hear the rumble strips beneath them, along with the naturally aspirated V8 scream from the Toyota TS040. Then Porsche come along with their distinctive rumble from the 919’s V4 block. With such a variety of noises in the top tier alone you’d wonder why anyone actually watches Formula One with it’s current ‘noise situation’.

Then we move to GT. In the right place, at the right time, you can be surrounded in a temple of sound. So many different sounds from the variety of fettled V8s; Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche (albeit with a flat 6) and the thunderous Corvette. Each with it’s own different sound. It’s something that has to be seen, or rather heard, to be believed.

These cars are technological master pieces, the Prototypes in particular are almost Formula One levels of fast – but enough of the comparisons to F1. FIA WEC is a championship that deserves to stand up for itself away from any kind of comparisons. The sport can only get bigger.

It along with the FIA World Rallycross have to be some of the biggest growing motorsports in recent times. The sky is the limit.