BritCar 24

29 April 2015

It’s weird experience turning up to a race track for two days worth of action without having a hotel, tent or anything to go back to for the night. I can only describe this feeling as ‘Twenty Four Hour Race’.

It is of course the BritCar 24.

Unlike the other 24 hour races in the world, this one is a little less glamorous. It’s in England (Silverstone to be exact), in the middle of April. It’s pretty much guaranteed that it’s going to rain. It’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of how much…

With that in mind I’ve turned up to the circuit with clothing for almost every condition – waterproofs, T-Shirts, hats, gloves, sleeping bags. I could have easily gone for a walk into the mountains with all the gear I had on me.

As a photographer this was somewhat of a frustrating race. There was no sunset, no sunrise and generally lacked any kind of light at all…the moment hit me when I walked out of the media centre into a grey looking pitlane that any hopes of a gorgeous golden hour quickly vanished.

There was one highlight though, the rain. Lots and lots of rain. It could have almost been classed as a monsoon with the way the rain poured down over the Silverstone circuit. Whilst others shyed away inside urging people to not go out to take pictures I decide to break the mould and head into the pit as all the teams struggled in the horrendous conditions. It was photographic bliss though. Sure I was soaked through and my camera still hasn’t really dried out properly but it was well worth it.

Hope you enjoy my photographs from the BritCar 24!