TOTAL Spa 24 Hours

2 August 2014

This year shall certainly not be forgotten – for good and bad

Another 24 hours of motor racing passes by and once again the eerie silence descends on the Circuit de Spa Francorchamps. After hearing cars hammer relentlessly around the stunning Belgian circuit for the past day through all the elements it seems odd to hear…nothing.

The once busy grandstands and spectator bankings have emptied only leaving clues that there was even a crowd there. Beer bottles and frites packaging litter the circuit.

The celebrations have been and gone, the confetti flown, trophies raised and the champagne sprayed. Some teams will think about the race that could of been for them – whilst others will be relish in the success that they’ve achieved.

Stories from the race, the antics and the fun will be talked about for months. Maybe even years. This year shall certainly not be forgotten – for good and bad.

The 24 is over for another year. The cars will begin their journey home, some in more pieces than others. The drivers, mechanics and teams also will begin to catch up on over 24 hours of sleep that they’ve missed across the race. The work won’t stop for them yet though – the countdown to next years TOTAL Spa 24 Hours has already begun…

This was the 2014 TOTAL Spa 24 Hours.