British GT: Spa Francorchamps

16 July 2014

The army assault course to make the most of the scenery, angles and colours

It seems like forever since my last Avon Tyres British GT Championship round at Silverstone – that said in reality only five weeks have passed. Time clearly flies when you’re having fun! This time the championship headed overseas for the annual away trip. This year we headed to the fantastic Circuit de Spa Francorchamps for what we would be an action packed weekend alongside the VW Funcup 25 Hour race.

The weather forecast of heavy showers and thunderstorms was hardly surprising considering Spa’s notorious habit of raining on everyone’s parade – that said it did, for the most part, stay dry for all the sessions (we even briefly saw some sunlight during the qualifying session). Although I’ve got to be honest I would have preferred it to rain than give us the flat and rather lifeless light that we did have.

Spa is without doubt, one of my favourite circuits to visit – but it’s a real love hate relationship. The circuit itself is superb – the scenery, angles you can get, colours are definitely up there with the best that I’ve ever visited. Unfortunately they do like to make things difficult for photographers… by locking most of the access gates. This leaves the only way to access track side via climbing through holes in the fence (which then get sealed up) or even crawling under gates. This is not only an inconvenience but also makes the going track side feel like a army assault course rather than something which should be relatively simply. I know everyone who has visited Spa at some point has had to do this – but why is it still happening? Things should be different next time I visit for the TOTAL Spa 24 Hours, but you can guarantee as soon as the night time arrives those gates will be locked once again…

Hope you enjoy my photographs from the British GT round at Spa. Next up for me another trip to Spa for the TOTAL 24 Hours of Spa. I’ll be there from the Wednesday onwards for what should be a superb week of racing in the Ardennes.