Auto 66 Club Bike Championships

24 March 2014

The ‘Count of Cadwell’, no not a Dracula-esque motorcycle rider, but rather, a great opportunity to get back out there and get some exciting images

It has to be said, I’m not hugely into motorcycle racing. It’s nothing against the sport or even the racing but I’ve never really seen the fascination in bikes. That said I definitely appreciate the skill and finesse that it takes to be fast in motorcycle racing and it can make for some stunning images.

I was commissioned to go and photograph the local round of the Auto 66 Club Championship at Cadwell Park. The event was titled the ‘Count of Cadwell’ which hopefully you’ve now conjured up a thought of a Dracula-esque motorcycle rider just like I did when I heard the name too.

The weather in the morning was perfect really, beautiful mixture of harsh shadows and interesting ways to play with the light. Plenty of pretty clouds meant that light pockets were of a plenty too – shame the afternoon wasn’t quite as pleasant with drizzle all afternoon.

Of course, I do think there was some room for improvement within the series. The grids were a little lacking in quantity which did make the racing, at least from my eyes, at times rather lack lustre. Nor did it do any justice to any of my start shots that I had planned. Also in general there seemed to be quite a large amount of down time between the early 10 minute practice sessions. But I’m sure all of these points will be worked upon throughout the rest of the season for these guys.

It was definitely nice to get back out there after a long off-season and the season really does start now with my next event only a couple of weeks away. So, here’s my selection of photographs from the Auto 66 Club!