Spires and Steeples Challenge

16 October 2013

Despite the rain, the cold and the fact that the route had become a bit slippery in parts everyone always had a smile on their faces

I’ve never photographed a marathon before. Well, not until last weekend. The event was the Spires and Steeples Challenge which took place across Lincolnshire, starting at the top of Steep Hill in Lincoln and then making its way through towards the end point, the National Centre of Art and Design (formerly the HUB) in Sleaford. An interesting route, with albeit perhaps not a lot of elevation change, certainly some challenges along the way. The event was in support of the Wheel Power, a charity supporting wheelchair sport and transforming lives through sport.

The first and foremost being the weather. I had recce’d out the route using the maps kindly proved to me by the organisers on the previous day, scouting out possible locations to photograph the challenge. A lot of the locations would have made for some great shots as it explored some stunning Lincolnshire scenery – on the caveat that the weather would play in my favour.

It didn’t.

I had idealistic thoughts of a early morning light bathed Lincoln High Street and the beautiful scenery of the route covered in the harsher winter sun combined with the beautiful oranges and reds of Autumn. Alas, I woke up to the sound of heavy rain on my bedroom window. Unfortunately a rain shower that didn’t really stop all day.

Having said that, it didn’t seem to deter the real heroes of the event. Despite the rain, the cold and the fact that the route had become a bit slippery in parts everyone always had a smile on their faces. From the competitors to the marshals everyone was trying their hardest. A lot of respect has to be given for those who were doing the run or walk. Whether you finished or not it was tough out there and far from ideal conditions.

I may not have managed to capture every competitor, there were far to many to do this, but having read some of the online blogs from some of the runners I wish I could have. It appeared every runner had a story to tell of why they were doing it.

It was, despite the weather, actually a really enjoyable event to cover and I hope that I can return next year with some slightly better conditions!

Many thanks to Spires & Steeples for allowing me to cover their event and big thanks to Donna for answering all my questions leading up to the event and helping to organise a great event that can only grow and grow in the years to come.

Here’s a selection of my favourite images from the event.

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