Props and Pistons 2013

27 August 2013

A treat for the whole family with some amazing cars and even better planes

On Bank Holiday Monday an event took place at the East Kirby Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre which combined people’s love for fast, exciting cars with stunning World War 2 aircraft. Everything was covered here; muscle cars, racing cars, supercars and, of course, classic cars.

Only living 15 minutes away it seemed a bit daft to miss out on this opportunity, particularly for the aircraft. Whilst I live near the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight I very rarely go out and actually take pictures of them for some reason or another. The event itself was fairly inexpensive to get into and provided entertainment for the whole family. A impressive array of metal was on display as you entered the location. A couple of brand new BMW M-Sport cars were on display, including the rather impressive new BMW M5. Some of the classic cars were also great, a collection of immaculate Ford Escort’s Mk1 & Mk2s were on display alongside legendary Formula One racers from BRM. There were also a selection of stands on display with Duckworth Land Rover, Bush Tyres and Bridgestone all being represented.

The most interesting element of the show was of course the aircraft.

The Avro Lancaster, NX611 ‘Just Jane’, that lives at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre was doing displays throughout the day taxying up and down the run way with all four of it’s Merlin engines being brought up to 2000RPM as it allowed passengers to experience what it would be like to be in a plane of its size during the war. The plan is to eventually get this plane airworthy – but there is a lot of work involved.

Two North American Aviation P51-D Mustang’s fighter planes were also on display and performed a great air display showing everyone what these surprisingly agile aircraft were capable of. It was later joined by another American aircraft from World War 2, a B-25 Mitchell bomber. Considering the sheer size of this aircraft it was able to perform high banked turns and rolls just as convincingly as the P51’s could. Impressive stuff that’s for sure. Of course, the BBMF rolled in towards the end of the day displaying their very own airworthy Lancaster bomber and also a Hurricane and a late Spitfire.

Photographing air shows isn’t something I’ve done in a quite a long time, and I’d forgotten how challenging it is – particularly with propeller based aircraft where you have to slow the shutter speed down to capture a sense of movement in a propeller. The planes were flying past at speeds up to 200mph, so weren’t exactly slow either! Needless to say it was a fun challenge and I hope I get another chance to do this in future. Perhaps even with some fluffy clouds as a backdrop rather than the blue sky…

In all it was a great event and it can only grow in the coming years hopefully with even more cars and aircraft attending.

Below is a selection of my favourite shots from the event. My next event is the Avon Tyres British GT Championship at the Dutch circuit of Zandvoort on the 7/8/9 of September for the penultimate round of the championship.