LVA Cup Finals

17 June 2013

A wonderful opportunity to capture the excitement, action and emotion involved in the sport

During the weekend of the Dukeries Rally I also had another new opportunity – this time it was to photograph the Lincolnshire Volleyball Associations Cup Final. I’ve never really photographed anything like this before, so had a lot to learn in a relatively short space of time! Photographing volleyball is very difficult, particularly in a sports hall such as the one we were in. The low light meant that I had to use my quickest lenses and use every trick I know to keep the shutter speeds up to a reasonable level to capture the excitement, action and emotion involved in the sport.

The match itself was between the Lincoln Cannons and the Peterborough Harriers and was the final for the LVA Cup. It was fascinating to watch, trying to understand the game within the limited time I had. One of the things that struck me the most was the power that the players could hit the ball over the net – some had some pretty substantial injuries. No doubt showing that the sport has a certain element of risk…

Much like the motorsport scene some similiarities could be drawn between the two sports, stratedgy in particular was hugely important and interesting to watch how the team would adjust their technique and play depending on how the game was progressing.

The shooting conditions were very difficult and I left with a lot of photographs in my mind that I didn’t manage take. But I will be back…I’ve already started planning how to approach it differently and what else I could achieve.

Big thanks to the Lincoln Cannons for letting my photograph such an important game for them. If you’d like to get involved with the sport then be sure to visit Lincoln Cannons website to find out more about the sport and how to get involved.

Here’s a selection of my favourite photographs from across the event:

Coming Soon: Avon Tyres British GT Champions – Snetterton